• Multiple aplications

  • Food sector in general
    Tanks for processing multiple food products like mix of ice cream, yeast, juices of fruit, liquid egg, water, etc ... always taking care, in each application, of the most adequate agitation system to obtain a final product of optimum conditions from its basic components. We offer either the possibility of homogenizing it initially or the processes of ripeness, pasteurisation, cooling or heating of the product.

  • Meat sector
    Selfcooling tanks for storage, cooling and conservation of hygienic blood and blood without selfcoagulant. We offer variants in cooling: for direct expansion or indirectly by means of the circulation of fluid previously cooled by the tank evaporator.

  • Grape and wine-growing sector
    Tanks for different processes like the control of fermentation (TCF type), the TD type or simply isothermal tanks for the storage of wine (TA type).

FONTSERE type shaped plate
Proper printed system of great yield for any application of thermal interchange. It admits any kind of refrigerant (water, water with antifreeze, all kinds of refrigerating gases, steam or liquids of heating). Setpar High-Tech S.L. offers you the possibility of acquiring shaped plate with any measurement or form, and if you want, you can also integrate the mentioned equipment as a part of the bottom or the wall of your tank where you want to cool or heat the product.


Pharmaceutical sector
Isothermal tanks for obtaining all kinds of pharmaceutical products with finished and materials according to the needs of the above-mentioned sector (scrupulous polishing process and AISI 316 stainless steel). <br><br>Provision of tanks for pasteurisation processes.

Cool equipment
Our engineers will design any kind of cooling unit for direct expansion of any refrigerating gas or other kind of cooling system with other fluids like water, brine, water mixed with propylenglycol, etc. The above-mentioned equipment is made in our factory using the best-quality refrigerating components.



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